About Olympia Gloves

“Make the best glove you can, and sell it at a fair price.”

                           — Olympia Gloves Founder Fred Heumann (1941)

Our Beginnings: Gloves for the U.S. Military

Olympia began manufacturing gloves during World War II, for the U.S. Military.

It’s a legacy we’re proud of.

Making gloves that perform under tough conditions was the challenge then, and it still is.

Best Value

We deliver quality gloves, at a price at that most riders can afford.  Why do our gloves cost less than competitors of comparable quality?

There are 3 simple reasons:

  • Size: We’re the world’s largest supplier of high performance gloves.
  • Pricing power: We have access to the best quality leathers and superior materials, at the sharpest prices.
  • No middleman/distributor: Retailers buy direct from us, which keeps our retail prices lower than imports and distributor brands.

Bottom Line?

You can pay twice as much for gloves, but they won’t be better gloves.  

THAT nevers go out of style!

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Olympia Motorcycle Glove on a rider's hand in use.

Two riders on the road at dusk