Why Become an Olympia Gloves Dealer?

Grow Your Motorcycle Glove Business with Olympia

When you become an Olympia Gloves dealer, it’s win-win. Your customers get a winning motorcycle glove, and you get excellent margins.

Top 3 Reasons to Become an Olympia Gloves Dealer:

  • We use brand names that your customers recognize and appreciate, like Gore-tex®, Thinsulate®, Primaloft®, and more. Your customers get first rate quality, and you can stand behind the gloves you sell.
  • We are direct and there is no distributor/middleman, so your customers get the best value. They appreciate a better quality riding glove at a very fair price, that has stood the test of time.


  • Your touring and cruising customers know us and are very brand loyal.  There’s nothing more profitable than a satisfied repeat customer … like Elaine D., and other customers who write:“… Love your gloves!  I have gone through three summer pairs. The first two held up over 39K miles and the new pair has held up great for the first 10K miles on the bigger bike last year! AWESOME Gloves!!! …”    “… After wearing out two sets of “400” gel gloves over the last 15 years, I decided to try these perforated 402s. Quality is great, the gel prevents vibration and the ventilation makes for even more comfort in 90-100F summer in New Mexico. I’ll buy again after I wear these out! “
“… Olympia gloves are the only gloves that will stand up to the daily wear/sweat/sunshine. Every other brand I tried lasted one season max, and some only lasted a few months. My last pair of Olympia’s lasted five years, incluiding a freeway speed slide on pavement.  I would recommend these gloves to anyone who rides.”


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