Olympia Glove Size Chart and Fit Guidelines

When It Comes to Motorcycle Gloves, Proper Fit is Essential

It’s important to wear gloves that fit well. Why is proper fit so important?

  • Ill-fitting gloves are uncomfortable and clumsy.
  • They can bunch in your palms and fingers, causing calluses, and hand fatigue.
  • Better fitting gloves provide better control of the throttle and other hand controls

Olympia Gloves are classic, “American cut” gloves:

We design our gloves for the perfect “American” fit. They are cut more generously, compared to imported/European cut gloves, which tend to be cut leaner and run smaller.


  • Olympia motorcycle gloves fit true to size.
  • Our signature fit is American cut, all the way up to size XXL on some styles … often a better fit for American hands than leaner and trimmer cut European brands. (See size chart tab for fit details).
  • Our customers usually tell us they just fit right, without being too snug, or having extra length or bulk where you don’t need it.

Every style fits a little bit differently, depending on the materials used, and how much stretch or give they have.  As a starting point, use our measuring chart below, to measure your hand.

For more fit guidelines, or if you still have questions, contact us.

Use this checklist and size chart to determine the right size glove for your hand before you shop.  

Olympia Glove Size Chart: