What Our Customers Say:

“When, TUMI needed the highest quality leather gloves, Olympia delivered”.

– SVP Manufacturing and Supply Chain

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Outsourcing Glove Manufacturing

 A U.S. Based Glove Company

Why Work With Olympia Gloves?

When you work with Olympia Gloves, you get the best of both worlds: all of the advantages of going direct, and none of the hassles.

Here are five reasons to consider Olympia Gloves when making your glove sourcing decision:

1. Fewer Layers in the Supply Chain

We are the factory.

  • Without unnecessary agents, subcontractors, or other middlemen, there’s less complexity – and expense – added to your cost sheet.

 2. U.S. Based Communication

You speak with us on this side of the world, and we get the job done.

  • We deal directly with our China factory. From start to finish, your communication is simpler.

 3. U.S. Based Management and Design Team

Our management team is some of the best and most experienced glove makers in the business.

  • Roger, Ed and Peter have almost 10 decades of glove making experience between them. There’s no sourcing, manufacturing or importing problem they haven’t seen or solved.

4.  Strategic Manufacturing Solutions

We learn about your company, listen to your goals, and develop strategic solutions based on your customer’s needs.

  • We work with you on a strategic solution for your brand.  We know how to delight your customers, and how to deliver the fit and feel that will exceed their expectations.

5.  A Track Record of Results

  • Bottom line?  We’ve produced results for many companies.
    Let us put our design, sourcing and manufacturing expertise to work for you.

To learn more about sourcing gloves, download our free checklist, “10 Questions To Ask Your Glove Supplier:  A Private Label Sourcing Checklist”.

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