Glove Design: More Ideas For Your Money.

Today, the consumer expects more. We all need to move fast – and innovate — or get left behind.

5-Step Glove Development Process: A Snapshot

As the buyer, you may have a basic idea of what features you want in a glove. But if not, Roger, Ed and Peter — the “master glovers” at Olympia — have over 90 years in the glove business.

Glove design options are numerous — but we’ll guide you throught the process, and help you get it done.

Every glove project is different, but here’s the basic 5-step design process that we follow:

1. After NDA’s and other up-front needs are met, we review your goals and merchandising plans, target customer, trends, and inspiration samples. We review your design brief, if you have one — or simply have a discussion of what the glove should be, and for whom.

2. Our designers interpret your direction with sketches, and instructions are sent to our factory sample room for the first round of samples. We expedite materials and the first round of samples are made by hand.


3. We review initial prototype samples with you … and your likes, dislikes, and refinements are communicated to the factory for a second or even third round of samples.

4. We review material options/costs/pricing/margins, and finalize design details.

5. Materials are tested for labeling and other requirements, as needed, and the finalized design is put into production.

Of course, this process varies depending on how complicated and novel your glove concept is.

A History of Glove Innovation 


At heart, we’ve glove dreamers, not just glove makers.  As the team behind some of the world’s leading glove brands, we have a portfolio of “glove firsts” on the boards.

We’re passionate about what’s next and what’s new:

     –  We stay on top of the latest ideas and component materials.

     –  We shop the market, to envision what’s next for your category.

     –  We’re committed to your success. Wherever you are in your process, we guide you the rest of the way.

We’ve developed many innovative glove projects that started out as nothing more than a good idea  … from wearable bluetooth technology, to scent-free hunting gloves, new sports gloves, and more.

Our track record of innovation can help move your company forward, too.


Here’s a free resource to give your glove project a jumpstart:

Glove Making Manufacturing Kit

Final Thoughts on Outsourcing Glove Design to Olympia

Success in the glove business requires the right combination of design, fit, sourcing, pricing, and speed.

Some companies have their own design team on staff, and bring us a fully concepted tech pack with specifications. Others hand us a design brief, and outsource the entire design process, working with our design team to get the glove developed.

We will do everything we can to help you succeed. Our design talents, experience, materials and pattern library, fit and sourcing expertise are at your disposal.

Bring us your vision: we work with you to build your idea. We understand what you need — and how to get you there.

How can we help you?

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Glove Making Manufacturing Kit

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