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With over 70 years of glove making experience, we make gloves for some of the world’s leading brands.

This unmatched expertise means there’s no one better suited to help with your glove category challenges.

If you’ve ever experienced the following problems, perhaps we should talk:

  • Lackluster product performance: ho-hum customer reviews, too-high product returns 
  • A glove line that lacks freshness, innovation and excitement
  • Glove quality, fit and feel that could be a LOT better
  • Late deliveries, lead times that are too long, difficulty getting goods when you need them
  • Stagnant top line glove sales, for a category that should be growing
  • Increasing costs that are cutting into bottom line results.

Glove Makers for World Class Brands

We’ve helped world class brands achieve their glove category goals, across a wide range of industries.

Our long term relationships with leading component partners such as W.L. Gore, 3M, and the others shown below, can help you to meet your technical requirements. 

glove manufacturer materials suppliers

Still have questions? 

We offer a full menu of turnkey glove manufacturing services.

Download our free Glove Sourcing Checklist, download our guide, 8 Signs Your Are Ready to Outsource Your Glove Manufacturingor request a personalized consultation.


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