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Glove Manufacturing Featured Projects

Got a glove challenge?  We offer glove manufacturing solutions that work.

These recent projects are typical of the private label glove manufacturing challenges we help solve, for businesses like yours.


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Featured Project #1  –  Industry: Sporting Goods

        Challenge: Need for a Quality and Style Upgrade

A buyer for a leading outdoor sporting goods company came to us with a challenge: Review their entire glove line, and make recommendations. They were dissatisfied with the current line performance, and wanted to know what we’d do differently if we were to start from scratch.


After a category review, they gave us carte blanche to redesign and merchandise the line. We cut their SKU’s in half, raised price 25%, and created a more compelling product line. In 3 years, sales went up 3x. 


Additional Benefits:

It became easier for client to forecast and manage inventory. 


Featured Project #2  –  Industry: Rugged Outdoor Apparel

Challenge:  Lack of Focus


A rugged casual outdoor apparel company was doing very well in most categories. However, the category manager was tasked with merchandising an entire brand of gloves, on top of the sportswear category which already dominated his time. Unfortunately, their glove line become a poor step child, without focus.


Collaboration and added focus took their glove line from “meh” to great. Under our management, their gloves got the attention and TLC they deserved, and the new season is selling very well.

Additional Benefits:

Increased topline sales and bottom line results.  


Featured Project #3  –  Industry: MotoSports

 Challenge: Lack of Category Manufacturing Expertise

 A motosports company with an innovative new idea came to us with a concept that was great on paper, but had never been done before.


Our product development team worked closely with the company on design thru prototyping. Several iterations were necessary, but the finished piece is smartly designed and completely functional.

Additional Benefits:

Initial product reviews were excellent, and sales are ahead of plan. 

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