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Glove Manufacturing Costs


Glove Materials Options

There are lots of glove materials and design strategies you can use to hit a price target.

As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. Glove pricing is all about weighing options, to give your customer the features they value most, at a cost you can afford.

When you work with a glove supplier who understands glove construction inside and out, and knows the latest materials, it’s easier to hit your margin targets.

For instance:

  • Should you use 200g of thinsulate, or 100g?
  • Should you use goat skin? Cow hide? Or dozens of other leather options?
  • Shoud you use Gore-tex or another waterproof membrane option?
  • Should you reinforce the fingers with Kevlar thread, or another option?
  • Should you use a Bemberg lining, or another lining option?
  • Will an embroidery logo, or a TPR (rubberized) logo, or embossing meet your needs?
  • What type of closure … strap, zipper, snap or other?
  • What innovative new materials have come on the scene?

The choice of materials, and many other construction decisions, have cost and retail price impacts.

Glove Costs and Pricing

How do you get the glove that is right for your customer, at the retail price that you need?

We can help you navigate this decision process. We start with a conversation about your merchandising strategy. Is this glove/line intended to meet an opening price point, or is there room on the cost sheet for more features or premium materials?

We then help you select materials and features that your consumer will value most, and corresponding cost/pricing and gross margin that will work for your brand.

When you work with a glove supplier with extensive product engineering expertise, it ensures that that you optimize features and cost.

Glove Materials Experts

You can leverage our longstanding relationships with the world’s leading technical component partners.

When we do materials development and sourcing on your behalf, you get access to a wide range of resouces.  Here are some of the companies we work with, to meet your technical requirements:


With over 70 years of glove experience, across many industries, we can manufacture and deliver a glove with the fit, feel and performance that is right for your brand.

Download our Glove Sourcing Checklist, to learn what questions to ask a prospective supplier.

Then, give us a call. Tell us your category goals, and one of our glove experts will help you determine the best options for your brand.

private label sourcing checklist. 10 questions to ask your glove supplier now

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